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Sitges Gay Bars and Clubs 2014

Sitges - Gay friendly hotels and Guesthouse, Sitges Gay Guide 2014

Gay Nightlife - Bars and Clubs.

Queez Bar ,SitgesAt night Sitges comes into its own. There are over 20 'gay' venues situated mainly around Calle de San Bonavantura to choose from. The bar crawl route seems to start at Bar 7 around 11 pm before taking in El Candile, Mediterraneo (Sant Bonaventura, 16) (might be closed now) and followed by Trailer (Angel Vidal, 36) 3am - 5.30. Bar 7 has the friendliest staff in town and all the music is gay party fare. Worth waiting for is their rendition of Bananarama's' Moving On' at around 12.30! As with most popular gay resorts these days bar prices are quite high so watch your purse. You can find a pocket sized "gay map" to Sitges in most of the gay friendly bars and restaurants. The Parrots Pub (Plaza Industria, C/2 de Mayo) ar serves a lurid range of cocktails and is always popular with the gay crowd as they off the beach in the early evening. We can recommend the foam party at Trailer €15 (every Sunday/Wednesday evening form June onwards.) Arrive 3am, foam starts at 3.30. Don't forget your baby oil so you are well greased up.

As with most Spanish resorts, the bars don't get busy until about 11pm so go out for a meal earlier on or retire for a disco nap and make yourself nice for later. Most of the gay bars stock a free map showing the location of the gay bars and clubs in Sitges which is useful. We are also handed a free glossy publication on the beach called Nois which gave a good summary of the bars in Barcelona as well as Sitges. There is also a very good gay magazine guide to Sitges published twice a year called 'News In Sitges'. You can access it online from your laptop/ipad at Also check out the very good


Parrot's Bar
(Piza Industra, 2) on the well known Calle del Pecado (Sin Street) is popular for cocktails as people leave the beach. It remains busy throughout the evening and is also a good meeting point and is situated close to XXL and the Organic Club.

El Candil (C/Carreta, 9) (possibly closed 2014) has a good disco floor, attracts a young crowd and gets busy from 11pm. People tend to move onto Mediterraneo at 1am (Sant Bonaventura, 6), Sitges largest bar with disco. It has an attractive layout, dance floor and cool bar area. Around 3am everyone moves onto one of the clubs. Trailer (C/Angel Vidal, 36) hosts a twice weekly foam party €15 where undergarments, or at least shorts, are de rigeur - for as long as they stay on! I should clarify that by foam party I'm talking neck deep and not an occasional spray or two! Trailer has theme nights throughout the week. Drink prices are a complete rip off though. €5 for a small bottle of water. Organic Club (C/Bonaire, 15) is also popular, quiet cruisy and has gogo boys dancing. Try and pick up one of the flyers offering free admission to either Organic or Trailer (not valid on Foam party nights).

See more gay bar and club listings at the bottom of this page.

Do remember to walk home (or not!) along the beach to blow away the cobwebs or, in fact, a complete stranger. If you don't have fun in Sitges, you shouldn't be allowed to go on holiday at all. There's always the hour-long train journey to Barcelona but that's another story...

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Sitges Festival Diary 2014
Sitges Carnival 2014 - 25th Feb the 5th of March 2014 - the main parades taking place on Sunday 2nd and Tuesday 4th March.
Acknowledged by the straight and gay press as Spain's wildest party, the Sitges Carnival will entertain even the most demanding visitor. Its most popular days see the streets of the fishing village-cum-popular gay resort packed with around 250,000 revellers - Catalonians, French, English, Italians and Germans, all dressed to the nines and ready to party.

Sitges Pride 2014 - One huge week of parties, performance and shows, Sitges Gay Pride 2014 runs from 12th - 16th with the main parade on Sunday June 15th @ 5pm. Once again, this looks as if it is going to be great fun.

Fiesta Major SitgesFiesta Mayor 2014
August Bank Holiday. 'Fiesta Mayor' means 'Main Carnival', and is in celebration of Sitges's patron saint, Sant Bartolomeu. A fantastic firework display on the sea front, followed by a booze filled parade through the town centre.
The total disrespect for safety is what makes it so exciting. Fire crackers are being lit left, right and center and aimed in every direction. Lots of strapping spanish lads, full of booze, rampaging through through the narrow streets of Sitges, setting off fireworks and banging on drums. Very sexy. The town gets full over the August Bank holiday so book this week early.

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Sitges Gay Bars

Most bars open at around 10:30pm and get going at about 1am. We would recommended Parrots Pub for post beach cocktails / people watching. Eat out mid evening and then make your way to Mediterraneo or XXL from 1am onwards. NB a lot of the bars listed are quite small, tucked away off the street and once inside feel like someone's front room with a few fairy lights and a small bar selling overpriced drinks. You'll find them all and any new ones listed in the free Sitges gay guide pamplet available from most bars. NB: Some of the bars do come and go quite regularly, so follow the crowd for the most popular venues.

Updated 2014 NB Gay bars come and go like ships in the night. If you are visiting or live in Sitges and see any glaring omissions or want to add a new venue please feel free to email me.)

 Espalter, 7 Small bar. Mainly locals. Drag shows on Fridays.
Bar 7, Sitges
 Carrer Nau, 7

Friendly bar, mainly Brits. Gets packed.


 Bar Azul
San Bonaventura, 10 (Carrer Sant Josep)
Very small but friendly bar. Gay porn on TV. 2 for 1 beer 'til midnight.
 Bears' Bar
 C. De Bonaire, 17

Bears, Chubbies, Daddies. Dark room. Sling. St. Andrews cross. xxx vid's.

Web site

 Bonaventura, 13 Popular dance bar. Very camp, Theme nights
 Tacó, 4 Show bar, mature crowd, frequent drag shows in Spanish.
Dark Sitges Bar
C. De Bonaire 14

Gay bar with cruisy backroom

Web site

 El Candil (Closed)
 Carreta, 9 Large busy bar with dance floor. Mainly mid 20's to late 30's crowd.
 Joan Tarrida, 6

One of the oldest bars. Mainly leather guys and bears.


 El Piano
 Bonaventura, 37  Formerly 'Pyms'. Is now attracting a larger crowd. Email
Sitges Gay Beach Party

The Gay Beach Party - Takes place every Tuesday throughout Summer in Sitges - Its the hottest party in town! See website for details, tickets etc


 La Locacola*
 Bonaire, 35 Open 7pm Mainly French clientele. Drag shows
 Man Bar
 Bonaventura, 19

Heavy industrial feel. Dark room. Theme nights. (Was Reflejos)

Web site

 Joan Tarrida, 14 Lesbian bar. Email
 Bonaventura, 6 Sitges biggest and coolest gay bar/disco on two levels. Great atmosphere and music. Recommended.
Mojita and Co
Joan Tarrida, 20 A new bar with terrace for people watching.
Parrots Bar
 Plaza Industrial, 2 While away the hours crotch watching on their street-side terrace. Fill up on cocktails after a day on the beach.
 Parrots Terrace
 Plaza Industrial, 3 Terrace bar. While away the hours watching the guys across the street in Parrots Pub 1.
Privilege Music Bar C.Bonaire, 15, Sitges Upbeat dance club full of pretty young things

Web Site

 Nau, 4 Music bar. Strip and Drag Shows.
Queenz Bar
C. de Bonaire 17, Sitges

Queenz Bar is a brand new addition to the Sitges Bar Scene.

 Web site

Ruby Sitges Joan Tarrida , 14, Sitges

Located on C.Joan Tarrida and home to Miss Ruby, Ruby' Sitges has one of the largest outdoor terraces in Sitges and is the perfect place to start your night..

Web site

Sitges Virgins
Guided tour of Sitges gay bars

Apparently the best way to experience Gay Sitges Bars, Clubs, Restaurants and more... launches 2014

Web site

Union Bar, Sitges
 C. Bonaire, 13

Formally Orek's Bar. New decor and young bar staff

Web site

XXL Sitges
 Joan Tarrida, 7

Two floors of fun, especially on underwear nights! Hot, cruisy atmosphere.

Web site.

C, Joan Tarrida, 2

YUMMY is Sitges most cosmopolitan gay bar, located in the heart of the village with premium service, drinks and decor.

Web site

 Sitges Gay Clubs
Trailer Club, Sitges

Late night fun with regular themed parties night. Great foam parties on Wednesday and Sunday nights, Expensive, so look out for flyers. 2am - 5.30 am

Address: C/Angel Vidal, 36, Stiges. Website:

Organic Club, Sitges

Open every summer, one of the best clubs in town with regular part nights and a cruisy atmosphere.

Address: Bonaventura, 10, Sitges. Website:


Sitges - Gay friendly hotels and Guesthouse, Sitges Gay Guide 2014

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